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Cloud Security Platform

There are a number of considerations that should be taken into account when businesses consider making the switch from using an on-premise security platform to having the use of a cloud-based solution for their security requirements. The first consideration is security. This is something that cannot be overemphasized when making such a decision as it affects the entire business environment.

One thing that must be determined in advance is whether the Sonrai Cloud Security Platform will provide access controls for employees. When employees have control over their access, they are more likely to be compliant with company rules. If employees have access through the cloud, then they are more likely to be reckless when it comes to taking their own information outside of the company. If employees do not have control of access and are not given controls, then they are more likely to take information outside the company and use it for their personal gain.

Another consideration that must be made when thinking about the use of a cloud security platform is the availability of resources. With many cloud applications, this is not always the case as some resources may not be available to the customers for some time. In some cases, resources may be available only during a brief period of time.

In this case, the best option is to use a  managed devsecops application that does not require access controls to have access to the resources. The cloud application may then be responsible for ensuring that the resources are available to the users of the application at all times. However, if an employee needs the resource for an ongoing investigation, then the resource may need to be accessed through the cloud platform. This way, all of the resources needed are available, even if the employee needs to access on a regular basis.

One thing that should be determined in advance is the kind of security the cloud application provides. Many cloud security platforms will offer a level of security for each user of the system, including themselves and their passwords. However, there may be instances where the access to the resource is restricted to a certain group of employees or a particular set of users.

As with all other aspects of cloud application development, the cloud application must meet the same security requirements for a company as it would for a company on its own. In this case, the company must have access controls for employees and a means of controlling access from the company's end, while at the same time the resource must be accessible from the users' end.

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